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What sewage treatment chemicals are mainly used for waste gas treatment in chemical plants

Issuing time:2021-01-26 10:03

Wastewater from waste gas treatment of chemical plant mainly comes from production wastewater discharged from petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, acid-base industry, chemical fertilizer industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, dye industry, rubber industry, etc.

Waste gas treatment equipment

The main measures of waste gas treatment and prevention in chemical plants are as follows: firstly, we should reform the production process and equipment, reduce pollutants, prevent waste water from being discharged, and carry out comprehensive utilization and recovery; For the wastewater to be discharged, the treatment degree shall be selected according to the water quality and requirements. Primary treatment mainly separates suspended solids, colloids, oil slick or heavy oil in water. Methods such as water quality and quantity regulation, natural sedimentation, floatation and oil separation can be adopted. The secondary treatment is mainly to remove the biodegradable organic solutes and some colloids, and reduce the biochemical oxygen demand and some chemical oxygen demand in the wastewater. It is usually treated by biological method.

After biological treatment, a considerable amount of COD remains in the wastewater, sometimes with high color, smell and taste. Due to the high requirements of environmental sanitation standards, three-stage treatment methods need to be used for further purification. The tertiary treatment is mainly to remove the organic pollutants and dissolved inorganic pollutants that are difficult to biodegrade in the wastewater. The commonly used methods include activated carbon adsorption method and ozone oxidation method, as well as ion exchange and membrane separation technology. Different treatment methods can be selected for various chemical industrial wastewater according to different water quality, quantity and discharged water quality after treatment.

Cationic polyacrylamide, high molecular flocculant, polyaluminium chloride, PAC tablets, alkali and other sewage treatment agents are used in the waste gas treatment process of chemical plant

In the selection of flocculant, medium strong cationic polyacrylamide is often used as sludge dewatering agent and anionic polyacrylamide is used as sewage sedimentation flocculant.

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